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Portrait painting models wanted!!

4 slots only!!

watercolour Portrait model wanted!

to be the inspiration for art!

To participating is free, however, there’s £30 deposit required to secure the slot. The deposit will return by April 17th.

Finished paintings will be sold on my website and social media, for £90 each.


If you choose to buy the finished painting, the deposit will be included in the price.The deposit will not be returned only if you do not show up.


All models can get 20 % discount for my Etsy shop.


50% of the price will be donated to Charity: The PACK Sanctuary: The reciept will post on my FB page


















All the process will be recorded by camera.

Only one face in a painting, you can bring flowers and any accessories you want to include in the picture. Be creative, be fun. (no moving objects such as animals...) however, the artist will make the final decision how to present the painting.


If the event is canceled by some unpredictable reason, I will text you as soon as possible, and will return the deposit to your bank account.

To apply please fill out the form below, I will reply you as soon as possible.


Format:   410x310 mm 16”x12”

Material: Water colour, Saunders water colour paper  300g/m

Duration: 2-3 hours (don’t need to stay still all the time)

Time:      Friday,  Saturday and Sunday afternoon, 4 time  slots only,
Location: Roy's People Art Fair

                    Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf

                    SE1 9PH London, United Kingdom

                    book your free ticket for the art fair here

The PACK Sanctuary was started in June 2010 by Seán McCormack and Anri Sung. We rescue animals in dire need of veterinary help, get them healthy, and rehome them. We also provide sanctuary to animals unlikely to find a suitable home, such as FIV cats, seemingly aggressive dogs, former pet pigs, injured pigeons, and orphaned squirrels. We will soon be building a sanctuary to house and protect deer rescued from the deer-velvet Chinese medicine industry.


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