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  • Why do I need to sent the photos to calculate the price?
    It needs to be check how much time it will takes. It is more clear to see from the photos, and I can confirm with you if it is suitable for painting.
  • What kind of photos are suitable?
    I will try to make your favourite photos become a fabulous painting, however, it will be very help for if you can choice most suitable photos. Most suitable photos are: high resolution well present the personality(sometimes in the photos look not alike the person) clear complete (It is difficult to imagine the non-exist part on the photos)
  • How many photos I should upload?
    For the best result, please sent more than one photos. The primary photo is the one you want to be painted, the others are for assistant.
  • Do you paint animal or plants?
    Yes. For sample: I basically can paint all sort of images.
  • Can you put two different photos into one painting?
    Yes. I do. However, these two photos can not be too different. For example, the lighting and resolution. If you are not sure, you can upload it and we can discuss through email.
  • Is the pricing including the writing & background?
    The pricing is not including background, but normally I still paint abstract colour around. It is not including writing as well. If you are considering to add words, please conclude it when filling the form.
  • How do you decide the price?
    For the balance of accessible and my profession and time, It is calculated roughly by the time might take. I consider myself is 25 per hour(It will definitely goes up in the future).
  • How do you describe your portrait style?
    I will consider the feeling that I get from the photos. However, I like to make the colour run freely, normally create the breathable, romantic and warm style.
  • How do I preserve the painting?
    You can simply put it into a frame with dry environment, and avoid sunshine.
  • How do you post the painting?
    I will put the painting in sealed OPP bag, and with cardboard into a bubble envelope. For painting larger than A4, I will post it with postal tubes.
  • How much time does it take?
    For watercolour, it is not an easy task to make a good painting. the first step is draft, and the second is colouring. These steps are very essential and important. Draft decides the likeness, and the colouring make the feeling. There is no mistakes allow, therefore, it definitely needs time.
  • What kind of paper do you use?
    The paper I use are usually high quality 180 gsm Saunders or 300 gsm Fluid water colour paper.
  • How do I decide the size of the painting?
    You can imaging how the painting would decorate your room. If this is for family portrait, suggest to go for the larger size, if this is for a gift, you can go for small or medium size that is easy to frame and pack.
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