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墨爾本時期 Melbourne

那時候,我決定去墨爾本當人像畫家 I started my Journey as a portrait painter in Melbourne.


那時候,我只想仰望天上的月光 I just want to see the moonlight


來去墨爾本藝術市集擺攤   Melbourne artist market


半年墨爾本賣藝的日子,從街頭一路畫到美術館  Staying in Melbourne I painted on the street and art museum


整個墨爾本都是他的畫布・潑水男爵  Splash Baron's story: All the Melbourne is his canvas


一個人的聖靈降臨海灘與裸體  On my own, to whitsunday island


與義大利藝術記者的訪談 Interview by Italian art journalist Naima

旅遊歐洲時期 Europe

緣分是怎麼一回事,誰也猜不透  Story with Artist Huang Hsi Chun


妳把我雙眼皮畫太深了  Bee & Hsi Chun's exhibition


黃錫鈞畫你的故事  Hsi Chun's art works


倫敦時期 London

倫敦孔版印刷初體驗  Risograph workshop experience


在秘密基地自由地舞──馬德里,請繼續做你自己  Trip to Madrid, La Tabacalera


倫敦藝術市集,我的擺攤夥伴們(一)The story of my trading partner in London


白天得獎被眾人包圍,晚上繼續打工洗碗盤(上) Helpers in the morning, painter at night.





photo credit: Sourwhat